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Recognizing outstanding teachers

This year’s Transition to Clinical Practice Awards for Excellence in Teaching honoured 13 TCP teachers, each nominated by Med-2 students, during a ceremony earlier this month.

Raising awareness of human trafficking

A recent panel discussion for health professionals at McGill aimed to raise awareness and clear up some common misconceptions surrounding human trafficking.

McGill-UQAC physical therapy collaboration

Dr. Judith Soicher takes some time to share her thoughts about an innovative and successful partnership between the two institutions.

Improving the learning environment

The Faculty has outlined steps to improve the clinical learning environment following an October retreat bringing together almost 200 clinicians, educators, administrators and academic leaders from McGill’s academic health network.

2018 “Discovery of the Year”

Congratulations to Dr. Lucy Gilbert and her team, whose work on screening and early detection of ovarian and uterine cancers has been selected as the discovery of the year for 2018 by Québec Science magazine.

What’s your favourite McGill memory?

On March 13, join the McGill community for #McGill24, share your moment and give back to help our students, researchers and future leaders grow. Every single gift counts, no matter the size.



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Dr. Logan Walsh, a Goodman Cancer Research Centre scientist and the inaugural Rosalind Goodman Chair holder leads a new network tackling Lung Cancer.

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Saccade Analytics wins the McGill CLIC and Hakim Family Prize for clinical innovation for neural disease diagnosis using software that analyzes eye motion.

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