Research Ethics and Compliance (IRB)

Resumption of research with human participants and IRB/REB procedures 

As of July 6, 2020, in-person research with human participants will be able to resume with prior authorization from the Faculty under the following directives:

Research with human participants respecting 2 metre distancing

  1. Faculty authorization required.
  2. If the study already has a valid ethics certificate in place, no additional IRB/REB review is required. However, Principal Investigators will be required to provide a letter to participants explaining the health and safety protocol in place for the study, which should include a reminder that the participants are free to decline to participate or defer participation, as well as an acknowledgment that they have been informed of the health and safety protocols in place and will follow them.


Research with human participants where 2 metre distancing is not possible

  1. Faculty authorization required prior to ethics submission.
  2. Ethics review is required along with a revised participant consent form outlining the health and safety protocols in place, what participants will encounter when they arrive and a renewed reminder that participants are free to decline or defer participation is required. Changes to informed consent and any changes to study protocol must be approved by the appropriate research ethics board.


Research with human participants done remotely

  1. Faculty authorization is not required.
  2. Should researchers need to make changes to their research method to conduct data collection by phone or other virtual communication in order to eliminate risks related to COVID-19, then this change can be implemented by reporting it to the IRB/REB using the Protocol Deviation Form as per COVID-19 procedures.


For all new study submissions, the above procedures will apply when the researchers want to begin their research with human participants right away.  Should they wish to defer the start of their research until all sanctions have been lifted or use remote methods to conduct the research, they can still submit and obtain ethics review without adhering to the above procedures.



IRB scales The Research Ethics Office (Institutional Review Board) promotes the highest level of scholarly and ethical conduct in research involving human participants carried out by Faculty, staff and students on campus, off campus and/or in more than one of its affiliated hospitals, by:

  • Facilitating the review process through guidance and support to the researchers in the preparation and submission of their proposals;

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure research compliance with provincial, national and international guidelines;

  • Promoting education and ongoing training for researchers and IRB members.



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Electronic Research Admin Portal 

(online management system for ethics submission, review and approval of research involving humans)


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