Academic Advising

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Advising Sessions

Students are assigned an academic advisor when they first register in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. There is a Chief Advisor, plus three academic advisors for each year. Students should consult their assigned advisor for program and career planning. These advisors rotate each year so that they follow the student through the three-year program.

All students must bring to their advising session a Minerva course selection form.

Minerva Course Selection Form

While it is possible to register directly by Minerva, the submission of the course selection form to the departmental Student Affairs Officer (Jennifer DiMassimo, 398-3915, jennifer.dimassimo [at] (email)) ensures that all program requirements have been completed and that no problems will arise concerning graduation.

Student Affairs Advising (Fall and Winter term)

Jennifer DiMassimo Office Hours

  • Tuesday 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Thursday 10:00 am. - 1:00 p.m.
  • By appointment.


Academic Year 2018-2019.

Chief Academic Advisor
Prof. Benoit Cousineau
514-398-8929, Rm 617, DUFF -  benoit.cousineau [at]

Study Away and Exchange Advisor
Prof. Benoit Cousineau
514-398-8929, Rm 617, DUFF - benoit.cousineau [at]

Medical School Application Advisor
Prof. Dalius Briedis
514-398-3925, Rm 510, DUFF - dalius.briedis [at]

U-1 Advisor, letters A to G:
Prof. Martin Richer
514-398-4400 ext: 00538, Rm 712, MCINTYRE - martin.j.richer [at]

U-1 Advisor, letters H to M:
Prof. Robert Murgita
514-398-3927, Rm 408, DUFF - robert.murgita [at]

U-1 Advisor, letters N to Z:
Prof.  Irah King
514-934-1934 ext: 76185, Rm EM2-2232, GLEN - irah.king [at]

U-2 Advisor, letters A to G:
Prof. Samantha Gruenheid
514-398-2138, Rm 365 BELLINI - Samantha.gruenheid [at]

U-2 Advisor, letters H to M:
Prof. Selena Sagan
514-398-8110, Rm 805B, MCINTYRE - selena.sagan [at]

U-2 Advisor, letters N to Z:
Prof. Corinne Maurice
514-398-1641, Rm 332, BELLINI - corinne.maurice [at]

U-3 Advisor, letters A to G:
Prof. Greg Matlashewski
514-398-7479, Rm D17, 5th Floor, DUFF - greg.matlashewski [at]

U-3 Advisor, letter H to M:
Prof. Sylvie Fournier
514-398-7273, Rm 406, DUFF -sylvie.fournier [at]

U-3 Advisor, letter N to Z:
Dr. Greg Marczynski
514-398-3917, Rm 403, DUFF - greg.marczynski [at]




Course selection

Students can now select their courses, manage their information and retrieve transcripts online via Minerva.

Consult the Calendar of Dates to find out about key dates and deadlines (to view it, you will need Acrobat Reader).

Designation U0, U1, U1, U3

  • U0: first year of study by four-year students (120 credits, including a freshman year)
  • U1: second year of study
  • U2: third year of study
  • U3: fourth year of study

Quebec students who enter from CEGEP begin their studies in the U1 year and progress to U2 and U3 (90 credits).