The MSE offers several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many are open to all McGill students, while some are restricted to students in MSE programs.

Our Core courses, ENVR 200, 201, 202, 203, are open to all students, as is ENVR 400. These courses are team-taught, with several professors from different fields present in the class (although only one gives the lecture in any particular class). This way students are exposed to a wider range of expertise than in a course with a single professor. Students (and professors!) also find it interesting to see how workers in different fields approach problems with differing sets of intellectual tools and assumptions.

The most up-to-date information on courses being offered each academic year is available on Class Schedule at


ENVR 200 - The Global Environment
ENVR 201 - Society,Environ&Sustainability
ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth
ENVR 203 - Knowledge, Ethics&Environment
ENVR 301 - Environmental Research Design
ENVR 400 - Environmental Thought
ENVR 401 - Environmental Research

Note: ENVR 401 is restricted to U3 and Diploma students.
Note: Diploma students must contact MSE Advisor for permission to register for ENVR 401.


Topics in Environment
ENVR 380 - Topics in Environment 1
ENVR 430 - The Economics of Well-Being
ENVR 480 - Topics in Environment 2  
ENVR 680 - Topics in Environment 4
Readings in Environment
ENVR 485 - Readings in Environment 1
ENVR 585 - Readings in Environment 2
ENVR 485/585 Guidelines and Student-Supervisor Agreement form
Montreal Urban Sustainability Experience
ENVR 421 - Mtl:Envr Hist & Sustainability
ENVR 422 - Mtl Urban Sustainability Anal
For more information, visit the MUSE website.
Honours in Environment
Downtown Students:
ENVR 495D1 - Honours Research and
ENVR 495D2 - Honours Research

Macdonald Campus Students:
ENVR 496 - Honours Research Part 1 and
ENVR 497 - Honours Research Part 2
Independent Research Courses
ENVR 396 - Undergraduate Research Project
Note: Unlike other 396 Undergraduate Research Project courses in the Faculty of Science, ENVR 396 is open to non-Science students. Contact MSE Adviser for information.

ENVR 490 - Independ. Study in Environment
ENVR 490 Guidelines and Student-Supervisor Agreement form

ENVR 491 - Independ. Proj. in Environment
ENVR 491 Guidelines and Student-Supervisor Agreement form


BIOL 540 - Ecology of Species Invasions
- cross-listed with ENVR 540 - Ecology of Species Invasions (Prof. tony.ricciardi [at] (A. Ricciardi) )

CMPL 546 - Intl Envt'l Law & Politics
- cross-listed with ENVR 519 - Global Environmental Politics (Prof. jaye.ellis [at] (J. Ellis) )

ECON 430 - The Economics of Well-Being
- cross-listed with ENVR 430 - The Economics of Well-Being (Prof. christopher.barrington-leigh [at] (C. Barrington-Leigh) )

URBP 506 - Envrnmntl Policy and Planning (Prof. madhav.badami [at] (M. Badami) )