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UCCELLO, Matt Haimovitz, a new multimedia storybook and iPad app

Angel Heart Review in the NYT

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"And we were very inspired by that and also by Matt and his ensemble. Uccello is an ensemble of his best students at McGill. Their ideas of mentoring these students is not just to deliver them classical music and say this is what you should know about — they're saying, 'Come with me and be a part of this and come on stage and perform with me.'"

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UCCELLO, Matt Haimovitz, a new multimedia storybook and iPad app.


What happens when a pair of music professionals set out to create a CD to share with their kids? In the case of composer Luna Pearl Woolf and soprano Lisa Delan, they enlist author Cornelia Funke, actor Jeremy Irons, and Mirada Studios to help them turn their vision into a multimedia storybook and interactive iPad app. The result is Angel Heart, a CD in mini-hardcover packaging being released September 24 by Oxingale Records. An app is set to follow in early 2014. Several years ago, Woolf and Delan, who had collaborated on previous music projects, discovered that ³we had the same idea at the same time; we wanted to create a lullaby album for children and parents that crossed the boundaries between classical and other types of music,² Delan said. Unbeknownst to each other, both artists had pictured recording their music with cellist Matt Haimovitz (who is Woolf¹s husband, and with whom they¹d both worked) and his ensemble, Uccello, which consists of young cellists from McGill University¹s Schullich School of Music. The two women joined forces on the project for Oxingale, the independent label founded by Haimovitz and Woolf.