Program Notes (Collaborative Piano M.Mus.)

An artist’s perspective can help an audience appreciate better the works and interpretation they are about to hear.  Therefore, program notes are a requirement for all performance projects, with the exception of vocal quick study and repertoire exams. 

Things to Consider:

  • Program notes should therefore be concise, clear, engaging, and informative.
  • In the jazz area, where the artist in many cases also is the composer, the program notes should focus on the musical elements of the work and the compositional process.
  • The target audience is educated, but not necessarily musically knowledgeable.
  • The audience will be interested in your sources of inspiration, musical or else.
  • The words and ideas of others should be acknowledged.
  • Write in a consistent writing style and carefully proofread your work.
  • Refine your writing techniques with the assistance of GRAPHOS .

Deadline: Submit three weeks before the recital project date in PDF form to [at]

Required: For all recital projects (including Opera roles) and recording projects.


  • Program notes should not exceed four pages of length.
  • Notes should be typed, using 12-point font, and standard margins!
  • Title Information: See Style Guide.
  • For Recordings: Submit as Liner notes, with each track of the recording clearly labeled.

Grading: Evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. If you receive more than 1 failing grade, you will be asked to redo the notes.