Work with others

This theme includes using your interpersonal skills to collaborate successfully with diverse people and teams, lead and inspire others, empathize with and advocate for others, build an understanding of global and local context, or manage relationships.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Value the benefits of diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and ways of thinking. Support and promote the voices of others during discussions. Collaborate successfully with cross-disciplinary and intercultural groups. Recognize discriminatory behavior and be an agent of change.

Global & Local Engagement: Advocate for and contribute to solving problems affecting the local and wider/global community. Participate in community, neighborhood, and international activities.

Leadership: Galvanize the strengths of others to achieve common goals. Use interpersonal skills to influence, mentor, coach, and develop others. Negotiate and manage conflict.

Teamwork & Interpersonal: Develop emotional intelligence, interact well with others, and build collaborative relationships for effective teamwork. Define roles and responsibilities of team members. Give and receive feedback and critical appraisals from team members.