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Research Associate (Azrieli Centre for Autism Research, under Dr. Mayada Elsabbagh)

The candidate will work independently, be responsible for developing novel health research approaches combining qualitative analysis with statistical techniques on projects related to the new Azrieli Centre for Autism Research. The candidate will collaborate with the other researchers at the center to contribute to collaborative projects that may lead to a better understanding of Autism, its social determinants, costs, as well as the policy environment that informs services for affected persons and their families. The candidate will also work closely with external collaborators as a part of the team’s knowledge brokering activities.
The successful applicant will:

  • Use and analyze data to answer interdisciplinary questions related to autism (e.g. epidemiology and health outcomes, service utilization, social determinants)
  • Develop appropriate knowledge exchange products, tools or activities to inform policy and program development.
  • Identify and bring together key partners and experts, practitioners and community representatives to share evidence, knowledge and best practices to build capacity in existing health systems.
  • Lead consultations and collaboration efforts with a variety of stakeholders to identify their needs in implementing research and develop relevant approaches to knowledge exchange.
  • Independently carry out projects to completion.
  • Write and edit scholarly publications, and participate in the writing of research applications as part of this project.

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Research Assistant - NeuroPM lab (Under Dr. Yasser Iturria Medina)

We are looking to hire a research assistant to provide support to the supervisor for multiple ongoing research projects.

The research assistant will be involved in research aimed at understanding the multifactorial mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders and the identification of effective therapeutic interventions. She/he will be responsible for analyzing multimodal brain imaging data (PET, MRI) and extending and applying specific computational methods developed in the lab. The analyzes will include the preprocessing of large-scale multimodal datasets, and the implementation, application, and validation of advanced computational/statistical techniques. She/he will work directly with the supervisor, overseeing and maintaining data analysis pipelines, in conjunction with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The RA will also participate in the preparation and publication of scientific articles associated with the results obtained in the lab.

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Junior Research Coordinator - Clinical Research Unit (4 positions)

The Clinical Research Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University invites applications for an Academic Associate.
Specific duties include:

  • Facilitate, coordinate, enhance and promote McGill’s research and development activities by coordinating and managing clinical trial projects at the Clinical Research Unit at the MNI
  • Perform established clinical trial outcome measures including physical and cognitive assessments in numerous disease indications
  • Ensure continuous support to Investigators/Physicians in the delivery of up-to-date activities and information, confirming priorities and timeframes of clinical trial subjects. Read and understand clinical trial protocols. In conjunction with medical staff, oversee medication infusions, monitor and record patient symptoms, collect and transcribe laboratory data
  • Interpret information received on patients and select the most appropriate procedures and trials for performing the research and ethics administration activities. Ensure that the activities are performed in accordance with each individual clinical trial protocol and University and sponsors policies and procedures.
  • Communicate information to medical staff, patients and pharmaceutical companies on new information pertaining to patients, changes to regimens, deadlines in terms of tests to be performed (i.e., CT scan, blood tests, etc), regulatory information, etc.
  • Teach patients, researchers and nurses to follow protocol according to GCP guidelines.
  • Provide information and advice to researchers on the preparation of the research information.
  • Liaison between researcher, patient and pharmaceutical company. Attends all internal and external meetings as requested by the medical director and/or the pharmaceutical company for each clinical trial the coordinator is responsible for
  • Functions as a record-keeper in terms of patient information pertaining to the study and is accountable for the followup of business.
  • Oversee inventory of supplies needed for the clinical trial.

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Research Assistant – McConnell Brain Imaging Centre – Montreal Neurological Institute (Under Dr. Julien Doyon)

We are looking to hire a research assistant to provide support to the supervisor for all ongoing research projects . Assist graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in carrying out behavioral and neuroimaging studies in cognitive neuroscience, and motor learning in particular. Develop, oversee and maintain data analysis pipelines in conjunction with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Supervise undergraduate students as well as casuals.

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Research Assistant – Laboratory for Applied Innovations in Neurocognitive Disorders (Under Dr. Simon Ducharme)

Dr. Simon Ducharme’s laboratory is looking for a research assistant to manage and implement several neuroimaging research projects on frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Current funded projects focus on the discovery and clinical implementation of novel brain MRI and PET scans biomarkers for the early diagnosis of these neurocognitive disorders.
Specific duties include:

  • Conduct patient research visits including retrieving clinical information, organize scanning sessions and perform basic cognitive tests.
  • Meeting selected patients during the neurocognitive clinic to obtain consent for studies and contact information.
  • Assist the PI with ethics board application and periodic reviews.
  • Organize collected data in a cloud based system.
  • Perform imaging analyses and statistics
  • Assist the PI with grant applications and manuscript preparation.
  • Assist with the interactions between the PI and graduate students.
  • Improve online presence and communication for the lab (e.g., website, social media).

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