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Research Stories

Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2019

1 Apr 2019

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Scientific advances and treatments developed at The Neuro have made it a leading centre for research and clinical care.

Accelerating drug discovery with Open Science

1 Apr 2019

In the past 40 years, the model of drug discovery used by the pharmaceutical industry, while proving successful for some applications, has produced very little for neurodegenerative diseases.

Listening to the patient

1 Apr 2019

Speaking to a group of researchers, patients and staff at The Neuro on March 7, Parkinson's advocate Ben Stecher was blunt about the challenges he sees in the world of PD research.

Movement Disorder Clinic delivers outstanding patient care

28 Mar 2019

The Neuro has created an multi-disciplinary team to deal with all aspects of Parkinson’s disease (PD) research, treatment and patient care.

NeuroHub unlocks data for brain research

27 Mar 2019

NeuroHub will provide researchers with powerful open source tools and software to explore multi-dimensional brain and health data.

Stopping Sophie’s seizures

26 Mar 2019

Ultimately a surgical option is the only chance we have for curing drug-resistant epilepsy. Sophie Jodouin handled the stress of the risks involved exceptionally well.

Epilepsy Awareness Month 2019

25 Mar 2019

New brain atlas can determine location of seizures

5000 days of cyclotron production

1 Mar 2019

In an age when electronic gadgets become outdated in only a few years, the performance of The Neuro’s cyclotron appears even more remarkable - 5000 production days as of Feb 6 and counting!

Leaving none behind

28 Feb 2019

Over the last several years, The Neuro has focussed more attention on rare diseases, engaging more staff and resources to deal with an ever-increasing mass of genetic data and tests.


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