Celebrating Exceptional Women


Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers who are expanding the boundaries of human knowledge.

The Neuro has launched Neuro XXceptional - an exciting new year-long video series featuring women who tell us what drove them to become scientists and clinicians, and what they love about their work. At The Neuro, these exceptional professionals are improving the lives of patients, helping us understand how the brain works and how to treat neurological disease.

Join us as we delve into the inspiring world of these women – nurses, doctors, neuroscientists, and young students, who are on the front-line of advancing treatments for diseases including Parkinson’s, ALS, and stroke, and who are exploring the mechanics of memory, music, decision-making and language in the brain.

Kalyna Franco

"Every time a caregiver or a patient thanks you for having helped them, it's a moment where you say, "Ah, this is why I do what I do"."


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Maryse Thomas

“It is so exciting each and everyday to just see more proof of how much we can learn and change throughout our whole lives.”


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Cynthia Solek

"I think the fact that a single cell can become an entire organism - whether it's a person or a cat - and how that process happens, I find, is one of the most fascinating questions in Science."

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Angela Genge

"ALS is not a disease for quitters. Until we find something that changes this disease, we cannot stop and we cannot quit."


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Brenda Milner

“I’m surprised to find myself at 100 years of age but I have every intention of continuing for many more birthdays”


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Jessica Dumoulin

"My philosophy on effective patient care is teamwork. Everybody jumps in. Everybody helps out. We get through a crisis together"

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Nguyen-Vi Mohamed

"My dream is that mini brains will allow us to discover effective drugs for people with Parkinson’s disease.​"


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Lesley Fellows

"It’s important that the patients we care for see themselves reflected in their doctors, and it’s just as important that they’re reflected in the scientists who are studying those conditions"

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Heidi McBride

"As a scientist and mentor, you want to give your trainees a sense of confidence, the ability to find the big questions and ingrain in them the idea that there is a lot still unknown”

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