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The Neuro has been at the forefront of epilepsy treatment and research for over half a century. The “Montreal Procedure” developed by Dr. Wilder Penfield and colleagues revolutionized the surgical treatment for epilepsy, allowing thousands of patients to start new lives free of seizures. The use of electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the study and treatment of epilepsy was pioneered at The Neuro.

The program provides comprehensive care for people with refractory epilepsy and management of pediatric patients who suffer from seizures and complex developmental disorders.


  • Consultation and monitoring of epileptic patients
  • Consultation of suspected cases
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team of: neurologists, neurosurgeons, clinical nurse specialists, social workers, neuropsychologists.
  • Specialized services for hospital patients:
  •  EEG recordings long (including records with deep electrodes)
  •  Neuro-modulation and surgical evaluation
  • The team works closely with neurosurgeons to choose refractory cases that could benefit from surgical treatment.
  • An interdisciplinary review committee composed of a neurologist including epilepsy and surgeons evaluates each case.
  • The clinical program is associated with research on, for example, the high-frequency oscillations, imaging, EEG Magneto and surgical developments such as robotics.
  • Patients can also participate in clinical trials. Click to learn more.

How to request a consultation:

  • Whether you are a Quebec resident, or a person residing outside of Quebec (rest of Canada), there is a new procedure that must be followed in order to get an appointment when you have a referral from a family doctor (general practitioner). Your referring physician must send a consultation request to the CRDS (Centre de répartition des demandes de services) using a form provided by the CRDS. The CRDS will then seek out an appointment on your behalf and then contact you with the appointment date. Your referring physician can request on the consultation form that you be seen by a specific specialist or hospital, which would be the Epilepsy Clinic of the Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital. If there is too great a delay, the CRDS may discuss other options (other specialists or institutions) with your physician to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner.

  • Your physician may find the consultation forms here:

  • Once completed, these forms can be faxed to (514) 732-5121

  • Here is a link to a general FAQ that explains how the CRDS works:

  • If your referral is coming directly from a specialist, then you can simply fax it to the Epilepsy Clinic at 514-398-1276. Please make sure to include your full contact information. 

Telephone: 514-398-1976

Fax: 514-398-1276 

The Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital is a McGill University research and teaching institute; delivering the highest quality of care to patients, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre. The Neuro is proud to be a Killam Institution, supported by the Killam Trusts.