Research Groups

As a teaching and research institute of McGill, The MNI is at the centre of McGill’s strategic plan in research and training in the neurosciences.  MNI faculty members lead international research teams that generate fundamental information that spans the full spectrum of neuroscience from cell and molecular biology to brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience.  The MNI is the cornerstone of the University’s largest graduate program, the Integrated Program in Neurosciences and a key site for McGill's clinical training programs in Neurology and Neurosurgery. Over 300 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from around the world pursue scientific training at The Neuro each year. 

An integrated neuroscience research and clinical centre that strives to advance our knowledge of the nervous system, discover new treatments and provide outstanding compassionate patient care.  Integration at The Neuro enables research and innovation that benefit society. Patients benefit from being treated in an institution with a combined research and clinical mission. Integration nurtures formal and informal interactions between researchers, clinicians, and patients. At The Neuro, science informs medicine and patients inform science. Our approach has led to international recognition in the fields of epilepsy diagnosis and surgery, brain imaging, cognition, diagnostics of neurological diseases, human tissue electrophysiology, cellular neurobiology, Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, brain cancer, brain microvasculature, and Alzheimer’s disease (biology and advanced diagnostics) and more. The Neuro’s integrated approach has led to changes in clinical practice, defined the direction of research fields targeting disease, led to enabling diagnostic tools and propelled therapeutic development.

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