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Andrew Reader, PhD

Contact Information

Email: andrew.reader [at] (Andrew Reader)
Tel: 514-398-5173
Website: Canada Research Chair
Recent Publications: PubMed, Google Scholar
Academic Affiliations: Neurology and Neurosurgery
Research Group: Neuroimaging & Neuroinformatics

My primary research interest concerns image reconstruction and modeling for positron emission tomography (PET), and more recently its integration with simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Particular topics include multi-parametric simultaneous PET-MR imaging, high resolution PET imaging of the brain, kinetic analysis, fully 4D image reconstruction and direct kinetic parameter estimation. I am passionate about learning of existing methodologies and then seeking to innovate, in order to demonstrate new possibilities without being prematurely concerned about the computational burden of novel approaches. Bayesian methods for estimation of end point parameters of interest directly from raw medical imaging data, along with improved modeling of the signal and noise components in the data, allow notable noise reduction and improved spatial resolution to be achieved in medical imaging.

Selected Publications

A.J. Reader, The promise of new PET image reconstruction. Physica Medica 24 (2008) 49-56.

A.J. Reader, F.C. Sureau, C. Comtat, R. Trebossen, and I. Buvat, Joint estimation of dynamic PET images and temporal basis functions using fully 4D ML-EM. Physics in Medicine and Biology 51 (2006) 5455-5474.

A.J. Reader, J.C. Matthews, F.C. Sureau, C. Comtat, R. Trebossen, and I. Buvat, Fully 4D image reconstruction by estimation of an input function and spectral coefficients, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, Honolulu, HI, 2007, pp. 3260-3267.

A.J. Reader, and H. Zaidi, Advances in PET image reconstruction. PET Clinics 2 (2008) 173-190

F.C. Sureau, A.J. Reader, C. Comtat, C. Leroy, M.J. Ribeiro, I. Buvat, and R. Trebossen, Impact of image-space resolution modeling for studies with the high-resolution research tomograph. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 49 (2008) 1000-1008.

P.J. Markiewicz, M. Tamal, P.J. Julyan, D.L. Hastings, and A.J. Reader, High accuracy multiple scatter modelling for 3D whole body PET. Physics in Medicine and Biology 52 (2007) 829-847.

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