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Anne-Louise Lafontaine – NeuroXXceptional clinical pioneer and patient advocate

4 Apr 2019

Dr. Anne Louise Lafontaine is Head of Neurology at the MUHC and Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at The Neuro.

Networking with the next generation

1 Apr 2019

Sixty female high school students from across Montreal met with women leaders in science and medicine at the NeuroXXceptional Speed Networking event

Maryse Thomas is NeuroXXceptional

21 Dec 2018

Maryse Thomas is a PhD Student in Neuroscience in the de Villers-Sidani lab at The Neuro. She studies auditory neuroplasticity, which is how the sounds we hear shape our brains throughout our lives.

Kalyna Franko - NeuroXXceptional

19 Nov 2018

Kalyna Franko is a speech-language pathologist at The Neuro and a gold medal rowing champion.

Cynthia Solek - NeuroXXceptional

1 Oct 2018

Solek won the Molson NeuroEngineering Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2017

Angela Genge - NeuroXXceptional

22 Aug 2018

Neurologist Dr. Angela Genge is Director of the ALS Clinic and the Clinical Research Unit at The Neuro

Brenda Milner, the original NeuroXXceptional

15 Jul 2018

Scientist Brenda Milner, born in 1918, pioneered memory research

Jessica Dumoulin, Assistant Nurse Manager, ICU

14 May 2018

"‘That’s not my job’ is a sentence you will never hear from me."

Nguyen-Vi Mohamed

16 Apr 2018

Dr. Nguyen-Vi Mohamed, postdoctoral fellow at The Neuro, loves her work in the fascinating world of mini brains, miniature balls of human brain cells smaller than a pea.


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