Other Research Opportunities

For part-time and summer research opportunities, please consult How to get involved in research on the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science (OURS) website.

Please note:

  • If you are unsure whether you are interested in doing research, Items 1-5 will be of particular interest.
  • Research doesn't stop over the summer - Item 6 tells you about awards available to students in the summer.
  • Students who qualify could get a paid research job through the Work Study Program (Item 7).

How to proceed:

  1. Find a supervisor.  You have met some professors in lectures and seminars.  You can also look at the list of neuroscience researchers in various departments at McGill.
  2. Send emails to or speak with professors whose research appeals to you.  You should mention that you are a student in the Neuroscience Major Program and explain why you are interested in working in their particular lab.