Research Ramp-up Process: Resources for researchers

Café Vienne delivery service for research staff (updated July 16)

Published: 12Jun2020

In order to serve Neuro researchers, Café Vienne will now take orders by phone and will deliver food orders at specific times to two designated drop-off locations from Monday to Friday only....

PPE (mask and glove) supplier - discount

Published: 4Jun2020

Facilities has identified a vendor in MMP that has 1.5 million civil masks in stock at a price that is almost 50% less than other masks offered through the MMP PPE Store....

Elevators - Restricted Access and Reprogramming

Published: 15May2020

As The Neuro moves into a transition phase, which includes the gradual resumption of research activities starting on Monday May 25th, please note that use of elevators is now restricted (please see...

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