CTV | McGill doctors get financial boost to combat breast cancer


Published: 14Aug2019

Two McGill University professors have joined the fight against breast cancer, and are about to get a big injection of funds courtesy of the federal government.

Liberal MP Marc Miller was at McGill's Holmes Hall to announce a $6 million investment for research over the next four years.

Dr. Michael Pollak and Dr. Nahum Sonenberg will lead the program along with a team of researchers that is meant to combat metastasic breast cancer. The study will look into preventative measures against the disease, and provide drugs to treat people suffering from breast cancer.

"We designed the study that either it will really help the patients, but if it disappoints us, we'll design the study in a way that we'll learn why it didn't work, and that will set the stage for sort of 2.0, so we're going to pursue this as far as we can," said Pollak.

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