Building strong and healthy communities together, one step at a time

The Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN)'s Community Nursing Faculty are joining forces with Community Health and Social Medicine Incubator (CHASM)

What began at a December 2017 meeting with members of Community Health and Social Medicine Incubator (CHASM) team and ISoN Community Health Nursing Faculty members--Diana Gausden and Francoise Filion--culminated in the start of a new exciting collaboration between the two groups, celebrated on January 30, 2018.

CHASM strives to improve community health care systems by pairing projects with public health and business mentorship, an interactive curriculum, and continuous funding. By June 2018, they plan to launch three projects that are associated with community health centres in Montreal.

Diana and Francoise delivered a workshop designed to support CHASM and project teams to ensure successful environments; addressing teamwork, ethical community involvement and the importance of addressing community-identified needs. The workshop focused on sharing their unique experience in the development of collaborative, strengths-based partnerships with community organizations, and  student team primary prevention health promotion projects. Each year, these are achieved with the generous support of 25 diverse Montreal wide populations. It is hoped that CHASM will be able to achieve successful collaborative and sustainable community projects and partnerships.

The evening was a success according to CHASM team member Julie De Meulemeester: “CHASM certainly wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today without the support of our amazing faculty mentors like you."