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Courses Outside the Faculties of Arts or Science

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Courses Outside the Faculties of Arts or Science

BA students are allowed to take a maximum of 12 credits in the faculties other than the Faculties of Arts or Science. BA students registered in certain designated programs are permitted to take a maximum of 30 credits outside arts and science*. These programs are as follows:

Minors or Minor concentrations:

  • Education for Arts students
  • Educational Psychology
  • Finance for non-Management students #
  • Geography Urban Systems ✝
  • Management for non-Management students #
  • Marketing for non-Management students #
  • Music
  • Musical Applications of Technology
  • Musical Science and Technology
  • Operations Management for non-Management students #
  • Social Entrepreneurship #

Major concentrations:

  • Geography Urban Systems ✝
  • Music


  • Environment
  • Urban Systems ✝

Joint Honours:

  • Economics and Accounting
  • Economics and Finance
  • For additional Joint Honours options please refer to Joint Honours Programs.

Faculty programs:

  • Environment
  • Industrial Relations ✝

*If you combine any two or more of the programs listed above, you may not exceed 40 credits outside the Faculties of Arts or Science. 

located within the Faculties of Arts or Science. Please see here for more information.  

 # Students can only pursue ONE of the Minors offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management.