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Why is learning about yourself important?

Self-reflection is not only foundational to your long-term success, it is also the first step in being able to make informed choices about your personal and professional direction. The ability to self-assess is informed by the level of self-awareness you have about your strengths and weaknesses, needs and wants, values, interests, skills and habits, as well as your attitudes and behaviours. Developing clarity about how you envision all of these facets of yourself in a life of your choosing, is essential. Equipped with self-awareness, self-assessment is the habituated ability of evaluating your results against your informed intention.

Self Assessment

Career Cruising is a career exploration tool that helps you find careers that match your interests and skills. To access, contact caps.library [at] or access the Career Databases & Periodicals with your McGill username and password.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

One of the most widely used personality instruments to help individuals discover their personality type.

Employability Skills 2000+

Rate yourself against the skills employers say are needed in today's workplace.

Work Values Inventory

Provided by McGill's Career Planning Service. Tests to find out your work values inventory.

For more self-assessment resources, check out the tools at CaPS.


Emerging Leaders Program: Personal and Leadership Capacity Building Mini-Workshop Series

These 55-minute workshops aimed at exploring central components of personal development and leadership capacity-building, help you define how you want to navigate through your academic career as well as through life! Invest in learning more about yourself and your peers through these engaging, stimulating, and fun workshops.

The Program for the Advancement of Career Exploration (PACE)

Designed to help you make decisions about your field of study and/or career options, this four workshop series includes vocational testing and a complete self-assessment. Upon completion of P.A.C.E. you will be able to understand your personality type, identify your skills, interests and values, and how they relate to various occupations.

Self-Sufficiency Workshops

SPF0150, Self-Sufficiency Workshops is a series of 8 Sunday workshops (4 in the fall and 4 in the winter) run at the Redpath Museum which teach McGill students basic hands-on self-sufficiency skills. These workshops enable students to explore and share skills needed for self-sufficient living, incorporate materials and create products that are more sustainable than those currently on the market, involve students in discussions about the philosophy of sustainability and foster an empowered relationship with local Canadian nature.

OASIS Career Advising

Once you've spent time developing clarity about some of the foundational elements of your self-assessment, you may wish talk out some of the directional options you are considering. Linking the value of your degree to the quality of your own personal and professional development, the Career Adviser helps you connect your undergraduate experiences to “what comes next.” By learning to strategically develop oneself through the access and engagement of University resources, opportunities, and experiences, Arts students learn to leverage their most important asset for life-long learning and success!

To help better connect your university experience to what comes next, book an appointment today with your Arts OASIS Career Adviser, Brandy Jugandi, at brandy.jugandi [at]