For more information on the completion of your BA Degree, please consult the information for incoming U1 students. Much of the information will help acquaint you with University policies and faculty regulations. You are encouraged to meet with a Faculty Adviser at OASIS to discuss your degree planning and track the progression of your degree. 

Please consult McGill's Transfer Credits homepage for information on transfer credits earned prior to beginning your studies at McGill.

How do you transfer credits to your BA degree at McGill?

Step 1: Declare all previous university-level studies on your admission application

Step 2: Ensure that your previous college/university sends your official transcript to McGill

Step 3: Wait for an admissions officer to process your general transfer credits and update them on your unofficial transcript in Minerva

As you are an incoming student in the Faculty of Arts, you will be assessed only for general transfer credits towards your degree. These non‐specific transfer credits will appear as "TRNS XXX - ## credits" at the top of your transcript.

Step 4: Meet with your departmental advisors at the beginning of your first semester to discuss whether courses completed prior to McGill can be used towards your program(s) of study.

Step 5: Complete and submit the Transfer Credit Equivalence Form for Arts Students

  • If you're continuing in the same academic discipline that you were at your previous college/university and expect to have some course exemptions towards your major/minor/Honours program requirements based on these previous university-level courses, you'll need to get these courses approved individually at McGill.
  • You'll follow the directions on the Transfer Credit Equivalence Form and take it to Service Point to be processed.  Specific course exemptions will then be added to your transcript. It's not necessary to complete this form for every university-level course that you took - only for any that will count towards the completion of the programs that you want to do here at McGill.