Conference Funding for Residents

GENERAL TRAVEL SUPPORT (per academic year):

  • R5 $800.00
  • R4 $800.00
  • R3 $700.00
  • R2 $500.00

(The Basic Science Review Course is not considered separate from the above funding).


  • A resident presenting a scientific paper at an “approved” meeting shall receive travel/accommodation support up to an amount not to exceed $1500.00 per academic year*

* Residents are only entitled to $1500 in total. Residents are not granted general travel support funding in addition to the $1500. i.e. R5’s are not entitled to $800 in addition to $1500 – the max each year is $1500.*

  • A resident presenting a poster at an approved meeting shall receive travel/accommodation support for that meeting, up to an amount not to exceed $1000.00 per academic year.
  • Support shall be provided for the presenter, not for co-authors.
  • Scientific papers presented at an approved meeting, generated from a basic science laboratory, shall receive travel/accommodation support for that meeting, from laboratory funds. If no such funds are available support will be granted at the R3 level.
  • Support for resident travel will only be provided if application for same has been requested, and granted, by the Program Director one month prior to the meeting.
  • Residents attending the Basic Science Course will receive funding for tuition only.
  • A filled out Microsoft Office document icon expense claim form with the original receipts should be submitted to Rania Iliyan, Orthopaedic Residency Office, Shriners Hospital for Children.

Funding for AO Courses:

All residents who plan to attend any AO course during the academic year MUST let us know by September 15th. Anyone not doing so, will unfortunately not receive the extra funding from Synthes (i.e. $600.00), they will only receive the amount they are entitled to according to their residency year.

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