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Lister Family Engaged Science Macdonald 3 Minute Thesis Competition 2019


Congratulations to all of the participants and winners!

Winners circle: MSc candidate (FdSci) Marina Nguyen (People’s Choice), PhD candidate (Para) Emily Curry (2nd place), PhD candidate (BRE) Anthony Iheonye (1st place) and MSc candidate (AgEc) Nicoletta Giulivi.

Other stellar presentations given by Leanne Ejack (NRS), Alice Damiano (NRS), William Overbeek (PltSci), Santiago Said (NRS), Kosoluchukwu Ekwunife (BRE), Malak Sadek (NRS), Jin Li (FdSci)

Many thanks to our Judges: Micheline Ayoub (MSc’93, PhD’02) Programme Manager, Genome Québec, Nathalie Zinger (BSc(Agr)’81), Executive Coordinator, Conservation Engagement, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Associate Dean (GradEd) Ian Strachan, Mariam Saad (PhD candidate, Para), and Kathy MacLean (BSc(Agr)’81), Manager of Communications at Macdonald.

On Friday, January 25, 2019 @ 1pm 11 passionate Macdonald campus graduate students each presented their thesis research in 3 minutes flat.  The Faculty Lounge was full to capacity -- latecomers lining the wall.  Using only 1 visual aid (a slide), competitors articulated the nuts and bolts of their research drawing us into the world of its importance and future impact.  The enthusiastic audience selected the crowd favourite.  But, our astute panel of judges had the daunting task of singling out the most impressive presentations from a slate of stellar performances. 

Kudos to the 4 Mac students who competed in the McGill 3MT Finals - March 12th, 2019 in Tanna Schulich Hall.

(L-R): Marina Nguyen, Nicoletta Giulivi, Emily Curry and Anthony Iheonye

We are #McGillProud of our Macdonald 3MT winners Marina Nguyen (FdSci - min 47:43) for her third-place finish, and students Emily Curry (Para - min 1:08:48), Anthony Iheonye (BRE - min 2:01:25) and Nicoletta Giulivi (NRS-AgEcon - min 2:09:10) for a job well done!

Watch the McGill 3MT Livestream.  Read the Mcgill Reporter article.

2019 Macdonald Campus Competition Description

Macdonald campus graduate student competitors presented their research in 3 minutes to a non-specialist audience with one non-animated slide (Competition Rules). Prizes: First place - $500; Second place - $250; Third place - $150; People’s Choice Award - $100.  4 Competitors made it to the finals of the McGill 3MT Competition, March 12, 2019.  Winners of the McGill competition are selected to represent McGill at the CAGS 3MT Eastern regional finals, and concours ACFAS Ma thèse en 180 secondes

Macdonald campus competition winners delivered their presentations as ambassadors of Macdonald campus at a special event hosted by University Advancement (Spring 2019).