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Lister Family Engaged Science Photography Workshops 2018

Mac students discover the power of photography

"I happened to have foamcore in the lab so I made my own light box, cut out some windows, and glued parchment paper to act as a diffuser.  I bought two 150W LED lights and set them up on the sides of the box.  The whole setup cost me about $70 ($20 each for the bulbs, $8 each for the light mounts, and a few dollars for the foamcore, glue, and parchment paper).  I experimented with a beetle from the museum and I got an AMAZING shot."

--Workshop participant, Vinko Culjak Mathieu, Master's student in Natural Resources Sciences

Students improved their science photos with professional photographer and instructor Avi Charszan of Red Button PHOTO.  Three interactive workshops explored the challenges of photography in various scientific workplaces:  presentation/classroom, laboratory and gardens.  Workshop #1 highlighted tips and strategies to capture the intensity of a brainstorm session, the passion of the speaker, the engagement of the audience during science meeting events.  In the second workshop we constructed a simple light box in the laboratory controlling shadows and glare and bringing out the textural qualities of granular substances.  In workshop #3 we journeyed outdoors to the Macdonald Permaculture Garden to photograph plants in an ecologically intact setting; adapting to light and wind conditions, we brought out the significant qualities of our chosen subjects.

Workshop #1:  Monday, October 22, 3-4:30pm  MSB-016, Photos of science presentations

Workshop #2:  Wednesday, October 31, 9:30-11am  MSB-31, Photos in the lab

Workshop #3:  Monday, November 5, 3-4:30  Macdonald Showcase Permaculture Garden (meet in MS2-022 we will walk to the garden together),  Plant photos