Lister Family Engaged Science Podcast Workshops 2019

Broadscience-CKUT radio podcast workshops









“I really love that we can make science just a simple conversation.”  Marina Nguyen, FAES MSc student, participant in podcast, media and video workshops

“If I want science to stay alive! […] I’m thinking about the next generation coming after me, and I have to speak in their own language.  [Podcasts] can make engineering inviting … engineering is something around you.”  Adeyemi Adegbenjo, FAES PhD candidate, participant in podcast, media and video workshop


Communicate science in podcasts

Bring out the passion of your research -- Interview your fellow researchers, and in turn, be interviewed by your peers

McGill Radio’s Broad Science will facilitate 3 interactive 90-min workshops to create a Macdonald campus podcast. Broad Science will guide students as they explore key elements of communicating science through interviews. Interviewing skill development will include: mechanics, flow, wording, scripting, and questions. Participants’ interviews will be recorded in the third session, permitting students to reflect on the output and have a glimpse of the recording editing process. Broad Science will execute the post-workshop editing to create and broadcast the podcast.

Thursday, Feb 7, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Founder's Day)

Thursday, Feb 14, 12pm – 1:30 pm

Thursday, Feb 21, 12pm – 1:30 pm

Class size is limited (12) and priority will be given to graduate students. Participants are expected to attend ALL THREE sessions.

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In February 2018, Broad Science, an organization housed at CKUT (Montreal/McGill campus community radio), facilitated 3 interactive 90-min workshops to create a series of 4 Macdonald campus podcasts. With expert coaching from Broad Science, Macdonald campus student researchers interviewed their peers, exploring key elements of communicating science through interviews and audio journalism. In the third session, students recorded their interviews and had a glimpse of the editing/mixing process.

Be Inspired

LISTEN to participant feedback

LISTEN NOW to 4 Mac campus student podcasts created at the Lister Family Engaged Science Broad Science Podcast Workshop Series.

  • Microwaves, Cows and Wetland Carbon featuring Mac students Audrey St-Yves featuring interviews by Haley Alcock (MSc-Natural Resource Sciences) and Anthony Iheonye (PhD Bioresource Engineering)
  • The case of legionella pneumophila / How to detect an eating disorder?  featuring interviews by Alyshia Guan (Undergraduate student in Dietetics) and Mariam Saad (PhD Student in Natural resource sciences)
  • Designing pipes, benefits of essential oils & reducing metals in crops featuring interviews by Marina Nguyen (Master's student in Food Science), Naresh Gaj (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering), and Christopher Nzediegwu (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering
  • Improving egg quality and measuring greenhouse gases featuring interviews by Liam Fitzpatrick (Master's Student in Bioresource Engineering) and Adeyemi Olutoyin Adegbenjo (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering)