Lister Family Engaged Science USRA Poster Presentation Workshops

LFESI-USRA workshop 2017In the summer of 2017, McGill Teaching and Learning Services Skills Sets teamed up with the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award winners and McGill Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Beiler Family Internship students to develop students' science communication in the Skills for Today series.

Workshop #1:  Communicating Science - Engaging Presentations

The room was a-buzz with conversation and the students responded enthusiastically to Dr. Andrew Churchill’s role play.  This workshop focused on adopting a confident, authentic and lively persona to tell your research story.

Workshop #2:  Scientific Posters - Engaging Your Audience

Week 2 and students were applying last week's checklist to a group of scientific posters:  APOS - Know your Audience; Target your Purpose; Organize your story; Deliver it with Style

Workshop #3:  Creating short scientific videos

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