Jobs and volunteering opportunities at the OSD

Every year the OSD hires students to fill a variety of different roles. Here are some of the categories of casual employment available:


The OSD Exam Center is currently recruiting invigilators for April 2019 final exams. The application period is open from Monday, March 18th 2019 - Monday, March 25th 2019. For details about the job, and how to apply, please see the job posting below.

File OSD Invigilator Job Posting - Winter 2019

All candidates must follow the instructions on the job posting, and complete an invigilator application form (Winter 2019 - Invigilator Application Form)

For information on what the invigilator position entails feel free to read through the Invigilator's Manual. If you have any questions not answered by the invigilator’s manual please contact exams.osd [at] mcgill.ca.

File Invigilators manual


The OSD tries to pair some students up with mentors. These upper year students commit to a weekly meeting with a student who is new to McGill or to their program. If you would like an opportunity to connect with a student and offer guidance and advice on how to navigate McGill and/or your program, please use the mentor application sign up form. If you have any questions please contact patricia.diazdelcastillo [at] mcgill.ca (Patricia Diaz del Castillo).

Graduate students

Graduate Students are hired for a number of tasks requiring specific skills. Please contact patricia.diazdelcastillo [at] mcgill.ca (Patricia Diaz del Castillo) for more details on the positions available.


In any given semester there may be a number of positions available for personal attendants. If no positions are available we also retain a list of qualified candidates. If you have experience as an attendant and are seeking part-time employment, please contact patricia.diazdelcastillo [at] mcgill.ca (Patricia Diaz del Castillo).

Work study

Many positions at the OSD are offered specifically through McGill's Work Study program. Make sure you check out the Work Study website!