Continuing Studies students

Students with disabilities registered in the School of Continuing Studies should contact the OSD to determine if there are academic accommodations that may be able to reduce their barriers in the academic environment. Some of these accommodations are:

  • Exam accommodations;*
  • Note-taking;
  • Learning resources;
  • Assistive technology;
  • Alternate text formatting;
  • Peer-to-peer supports.

*Students in Continuing Studies writing exams with accommodations need to complete the File OSD accommodation formand email it to john.veli [at] mcgill.ca (John Veli). This should be done 3 weeks prior to the exam date for midterms and 4 weeks prior to the exam date for finals.

For students in Continuing Studies who take courses in the evening and can’t make physical appointments on campus during business hours, advisors are available throughout the work day for appointments by Skype. If you would like to arrange a Skype appointment, please indicate this to our front desk staff when you book an appointment.

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