Exam information

If a student in your class writes an in-class exam with the OSD, you will be notified by email. The student may also contact you directly, but this is not required. The steps of this procedure are as follows:

  1. The student fills out the OSD’s exam sign up form at least 7 days before the exam date. This form is submitted directly to our exam office.
  2. The exam coordinator reviews the student information to ensure that writing exams with the OSD are part of their accommodation plan
  3. The exam coordinator emails the course instructor with the information that the student submitted into the exam sign up form.*
  4. As soon as possible, please reply to the email either confirming or updating the date, time, and length of the exam.
  5. Please provide the OSD with a copy of the exam at least 48 hours before the exam date (otherwise we cannot guarantee the student will be able to write on the date of the exam). Please include any specific instructions regarding the exam (pen/pencil, use of a dictionary, calculator, etc.)

Students who write exams with the OSD may occasionally request alternate dates and times for exams. The OSD can support these exams if the course instructor approves of the alternate date/time in writing to exams.osd [at] mcgill.ca

Please note that students submit all of the information on the form so we ask that course instructors review the date, time, and length of the exam. You may be contacted directly by one of the exam coordinators without the exam form content if the course instructor’s contact email the student provides is wrong.