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The mandate of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is to facilitate equal access to learning for a diverse student population and to support the inclusion of diverse learners. The OSD serves as a resource for more than 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students from all Faculties across McGill.

We also serve as resource and collaborator for Faculty members to foster learning environments which are inclusive and accessible for McGill’s diverse student population. In order to achieve equal access, the OSD promotes Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a framework that guides the conception of inclusive and accessible learning environments for all students while maintaining academic rigour. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is achieved through the development of flexible instructional methods, materials, and assessments. It is considered a "best practice" approach to curriculum design and is easily achieved through the use of various curriculum design and delivery strategies. To learn more about UDL, see our resources at the bottom of this page. You will find an introduction to the principles of UDL, video case stories from McGill Faculty and much more.

If you as a Faculty member have questions about inclusive classroom practices, are looking for some easy to implement strategies to implement that widen access or have been approached by a student who experiences barriers in their learning environment, please contact tanja.beck [at] (Tanja Beck.)

 We also offer a wide variety of resources for Faculty such as:

  • Individual consultations on designing inclusive classroom environments with UDL
  • Tailor made UDL workshops for departments, groups, course instructors and TA’s
  • Assisting Faculty in ensuring that course material is accessible
  • Safer Spaces workshops on Disability, Access and Universal Design. To register for this workshop, please fill out this registration form.

For individual consultations, to schedule a workshop or for more information, please contact: tanja.beck [at] (Tanja Beck).

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