Your first appointment

Who can register?

Students with documented disabilities, mental health issues, chronic illnesses, or other impairments can register with the OSD. These can be temporary (short-term), permanent (life-long), or episodic (fluctuating).

How do I register?

You can schedule an appointment to meet with an Access Services Advisor by calling us at (514)-398-6009 or dropping by in person to the front desk at the OSD. Your 45-minute welcome appointment can be either face-to-face or by Skype, whichever you prefer. Please note that appointments cannot be made over email, to book an appointment you must call the office.

When should I register

Students can register with the OSD as soon as they accept their offer of admission from McGill. You are free to register with us at any time during the year, but we encourage you to do so as early as possible so that your accommodation plan is in place at the start of your semester. 

Prospective McGill students are also welcome to speak to an Access Services Advisor before making a decision on whether or not to study at McGill.

What should I bring to the first appointment?

Yourself! Most importantly, we need you present and ready to discuss the barriers you face academically. Documentation isn’t necessary in order to make an appointment with the OSD, but it will be necessary to complete your registration. This documentation should come from a relevant and licensed medical professional (doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist,) and include a diagnosis, as well as an explanation of how your diagnosis impacts your academic performance.

If you do not have documentation or are not sure if the documentation you do have is sufficient, this can be discussed and clarified at your welcome meeting.

We recommend asking your health professional to complete the PDF icon OSD referral form

Can the OSD help me to get appropriate documentation?

If you do not have documentation or are not sure if the documentation you do have is sufficient, this can be discussed and clarified at your welcome meeting. Your Access Services Advisor can recommend different professionals that may be able to evaluate you.

The OSD is able to offer a limited number of ADHD assessments per year at a reduced cost from what you would find being charged in private practices. This assessment process has different eligibility criteria that must be met and may have a significant wait time. If this is applicable to your situation and barriers, your Access Services Advisor will discuss this process with you.

What happens at the first appointment?

  1. Our front line staff will greet you, please tell them your name and that you have an appointment with an advisor.

  2. At the time of your appointment, the access services advisor you are scheduled with will greet you and welcome you into an office.

  3. You and your advisor will discuss the barriers you experience with regard to learning in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and in exams.

  4. You and your advisor will review your documentation to determine if it is up to date and addresses the barriers you described.

  5. You and your advisor will draft an individualized accommodation plan. This confidential document keeps track of your accommodations during your time at McGill.

  6. If appropriate, your advisor will recommend and explain additional supports that may help you reduce the barriers you described across the university.