Adaptive Software and Equipment

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The OSD has a large suite of Assistive software and equipment that we make available to students.

Adaptive Software

Both the Repath and OSD computer labs contain a widerange of adaptive software for students to use. Currently available in OSD labs:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
  • Zoomtext and MAGIC & Bigshot Screen magnifiers
  • JAWS Screen Reader
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition
  • Open Book Scanning & Reading
  • WYNN Scanning and Reading
  • Kurzweil Scanning and Reading
  • Inspiration
  • IBM Home Page Reader
  • Co:Writer
  • TextHelp Scanning and Reading
  • Duxbury Braille Translator
  • PDF Converter


Our computer labs also have printers available for student use, but, you must supply your own paper. The printers are for academic purposes only. If you abuse your printing privileges, the OSD reserves the right to discontinue your access to our labs.

***The OSD supports McGill’s environmental policy to reduce paper use on campus. Please photocopy and print on both sides whenever possible.

Adaptive equipment

  • CCTV- print enlargers
  • Scanners
  • 19 and 21 inch computer monitors
  • tactile image enhancer
  • adapted key boards
  • 4-track tape recorders
  • FM wireless voice amplification Systems
  • Alpha Smart© note taking screen word processors


The OSD Office and Redpath Lab are both equipped with TTY telephone equipment.

TTY in Redpath Computer Lab

The TTY in Redpath may be used with the phone in either of Rooms 5-A or 5-B. Make sure the TTY is plugged in and is turned on. It should be placed next to the telephone. To make a local outgoing call: Pick up the telephone receiver and dial the number (remember to dial 9 first, then the telephone number) on the telephone keypad. Place the receiver on the TTY in the rubber cups. Watch the red flashing light on the upper left front of the TTY (slow flashes indicate ringing; quick flashes indicate a busy signal).

When the other party picks up and begins typing, your words will appear on the screen. Type in what you want to say. When you are finished a sentence, type "GA" to tell the other party to "go ahead." To finish a conversation, type "GA SK," meaning go ahead or stop keying." The other party will either continue or type "SKSK" to conclude the conversation. When you have finished, turn the TTY off.

TTY in OSD Main Office

The TTY at the OSD office is connected directly to the phone line; you do not need to use it with a telephone set. This TTY is left on to monitor incoming calls at all times. When it is not in use, the display should read: AUTO ANSWER ON.

To make a local outgoing call: Press Shift-9 to turn the Auto Answer off and then Shift-0 to dial. Enter the number you wish to reach (remembering to add 9 before the telephone number for external calls). Watch the red flashing light on the upper left front of the TTY (slow flashes indicate ringing; quick flashes indicate a busy signal).

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