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The Office for Students with Disabilities has the mandate to provide assistance and accommodation services to undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.  These disabilities can be permanent or temporary, and of a visible or invisible nature.  

The OSD should therefore be an important pit stop for you, if you have a disability or suspect that your academic performance may be affected by a disability during your time at McGill.

Our advisers will be able to guide you and provide you information on the support services for which you may be eligible.  They are also well versed when it comes to the financial information that may be crucial to you, regarding your disability and its management.  

There are also a number of support groups and less formal platforms at the OSD that may also be of interest to you even if your disability is not fully documented and you are simply seeking guidance, peer support or a friendly ear!  Don’t hesitate to come in and see us to have a chat and discuss your needs with regards to access. You can call or email, too.

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