Photocopying, scanning and alternate text formats


A photocopier is available at OSD for you to use. Photocopying is available only if it is required for both academic and disability related needs. You would be eligible if you have permission to make copies of class notes or to enlarge text. Do not hesitate to ask our secretary for assistance using the machine.


Both OSD computer labs are equipped with scanners, available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. You can use these, with the help of our staff, for digitizing texts. You should plan ahead if you will require large volumes of material to be scanned. You can speak with the OSD Adaptive Technologist who may be able to help you with large scanning jobs.

Also, if you receive government funding for this service, you may be able to hire a support worker to help you with scanning.

Alternate Textbook formats

The OSD offers services and a variety of adaptive technological solutions for those who have disability related difficulties accessing print materials.

Digital text
We help you obtain digital textbooks or course packs for reading with computer software. We can also assist you with creating digital texts using our scanners. Contact the Technologist Jeff Grummett to let him know what reading material you require in digital format.
We help you to locate Braille materials and we also have a braille embosser and tactile image enhancer on site.
Text enlargement
We help you to locate large print texts. You can use our CCTVs to read enlarged print or, when applicable, large print can be produced on our photocopier. All OSD computers are equipped with screen magnification software.
Text to speech computer software
All our computers are equipped with screen reading software that reads digital text.
Audio recording of lectures
We can help you locate on-line audio recordings of McGill lectures.
Recorded books
We help you access what you need from libraries of audio books.
Adapted exams
An exam can be read onto audiotape, scanned for use with adapted technology, brailled or enlarged.

Digital Texts and HathiTrust

Hathi Trust logo

McGill University has entered into an exciting new partnership with the HathiTrust. This partnership allows McGill students to search the HathiTrust database to find digital versions of thousands of books currently only available as hard copies in our libraries. Students who need to access texts in the library but need to acquire digital version are advised to visit the HathiTrust website and login with your McGill email and password.

The HathiTrust gives all students access to an extensive library of digital texts and if you are in need of digital versions of library books, this is a great place to check. Click on the logo below and log in to the site to get started.