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Beyond Microsoft Office - apps for writing

Whether you’re frustrated with writing your essays in Microsoft Word or you’re simply looking for new strategies to improve your composition skills it’s worth trying something new. However, there are literally hundreds of applications to help you with your writing, it can be overwhelming to know what is worth trying?

This workshop will provide an overview of inexpensive and free applications that can help you improve your writing depending on your specific needs. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop, though loaner laptops can be provided as needed.

Organize your digital clutter - apps for the busy student

One of the major challenges that students face is managing the overwhelming amount of information that they receive over the course of the semester. Course notes, readings, due dates, office hours, and exams, can easily be lost track of without some form of organizational tools.

This workshop will be dedicated to various study apps that will help you organize and make use of this wealth of information. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop, though loaner laptops can be provided as needed.

Work hard, play hard

Are you thinking of creating and maintaining a schedule for Final Exams? Are you experiencing high levels of stress that are detrimental to studying and preparing for exams? Would you like to address these barriers? Then please register and find new strategies that will teach you how to create and implement a working schedule, and show you how to create a conducive learning environment! Students will leave with a working schedule and strategies that will be beneficial for the weeks to come in the semester, but most importantly, for their career as students!

Mindset for academic success

Do exams give you the chills? Do your thoughts get in the way of succeeding?  Do you manage stress or is stress managing you?  Particpants will be able to acquire strategies to manage academic anxiety and  be able to lead a well-balanced school life.

How do I learn best?

Participants of this 90-minute webinar gain self-awareness about their learning strengths and how to enhance their personal learning styles. Strategies such as memory, concentration, study organization, solutions to procrastination, study environments, note taking, and self-talk are explored to improve learning.