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Professor notification: letter of accommodations

The OSD is committed to facilitating access through a blended approach of promoting the concept of Universal Design and providing effective accommodations for students with disabilities. It is our goal to make our services as accessible as possible to you. 

To support you in initiating a discussion with your Professor about the barriers you experience in your learning environment and possible solutions, we have developed an automated Letter of Accommodation. By submitting this online form, an automated e-mail will be sent to your course instructor.

The Letter of Accommodation continues to offer confidentiality about the nature of your disability but informs the teaching staff about accommodations needs in the classroom so that they can better meet these accommodation needs.

Information about a student's accommodations is provided on a need to know basis. A faculty member needs to know what accommodations you may need in class, for example, the use of a computer to take notes. If requesting exam accommodations, please use the exam registration form instead of the Professor notification form.

Generally, faculty members do not need to know your exact test and exam accommodations in order to perform their job so they are not told what they are.