Due to difficulty in finding a note-taker late in the semester, we are asking that students register for the service no later than Friday November 1st, 2019. After the deadline, students requesting notes will be given access to those available, but no new note-takers will be recruited.

Depending on the barriers that you experience, note-taking may be one of your accommodations. The procedure for making sure that you have access to this support is as follows:

Register as a note-user through EZ Notes and at the beginning of every semester, log in to EZ Notes and type in the courses for which you would like the OSD to try to find you a note taker.

Please note: You may receive an alert that this page is not safe. This is because of the server, please click “advanced” and “proceed” to continue to the EZ Notes page. If you are not comfortable doing so, there is a desktop computer in the lobby at the OSD you can use for EZ Notes.

If note-taking is one of your accommodations, the OSD will then send an email to all of the students in your class asking for someone to volunteer as a note-taker. After the add/drop deadline, this student is then expected to upload a copy of their lecture notes weekly. You will be able to access these notes through an OSD Note-taking page in myCourses. Please note that we cannot guarantee finding a note-taker in each course.

How do I reduce the amount of notifications I receive in myCourses?

You can choose not to receive notifications from specific courses by following the instructions under Excluding courses from notifications in this article from the McGill IT Knowledge Base

What do I do if I don’t see my note taker notes?

  1. Please make sure you have registered for your current semester’s notes on the EZNotes page
  2. Please make sure you select “Show ALL courses” on MyCourses to see the note taking page.
  3. Please note that note-taking only begins after the add/drop deadline every semester.

If you still can’t see any course notes, please email notetaking.osd [at] and copy the Access Services Advisor you last met with.