Scholarship Resources

Many students are not aware of the numerous funding opportunities available to them both through McGill and externally. Sometimes a portion of these awards is not given out simply because no one applied!

McGill Funding Opportunities

Career and Planning Services

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments

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Find an extensive list of external scholarships for various disciplines both graduate and undergraduate at McGill's Career Planning Services CaPS website. While you are on the CaPS website check out their resource catalogue.

Parliament Hill

Federal, provincial and territorial governments offer aid for students with assessed financial need in the form of loans, grants and bursaries. Information about funding for students with disabilities and assistance with applications is available through our office. Find out more on our funding resources page.

Undergraduate Award Calendar

Office of the Dean of Students

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Browse through the undergraduate awards calendar. You can find matches by searching for “Disability.”

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McGill's Office of the Dean of Students manages several prestigious and lucrative awards (i.e. Rhodes Scholarships, Forces Avenir, etc).

Scholarships and Student Aid Office

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

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Scholarships and Student Aid administers an Entrance Scholarship program that is open to all students, including those with a reduced course load due to disabilities. They also offer a need-based awards intended for students with disabilities. Contact Scholarships and Student Aid to learn more.

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Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides information, guidelines, forms and deadlines regarding both external and internal fellowships and awards for graduate and postdoctoral students. They also provide information about undergraduate research awards.

Faculty and Departmental Award Opportunities

Many faculties and departments house their own listings of external award opportunities. Please inquire with them for additional information.

External Funding Opportunities

Universities Canada

Disability Awards

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Universities Canada administers more than 130 scholarship, fellowship and internship programs, and provides an online searchable database or opportunities.

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For a list of awards and scholarships for students with disabilities, visit DisabilityAwards. This will provide information on funding opportunities according to province, educational institution and specific disability.


Scholarships Canada

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Yconic offers a scholarship search tool.

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Scholarships Canada is Canada's most comprehensive scholarship portal.