Notice: COVID-19 Closure

During the period in which McGill has committed to offering remote instruction (Summer and Fall 2020), the OSD is pleased to offer virtual services and support while our physical campus is closed.

Please click below to visit our Student and Instructor COVID- 19 FAQs


COVID-19 Closure - FAQs


Image titled 'Tutorial Services' with image of a computer and student writing in an agenda.

Tutorial Services offers a host of live webinars that are open to all McGill students presented by McGill's Learning Skills Advisor. These webinars focus on helping students build their own transferrable skills, allowing students to show what they know and achieve their academic goals. Topics include: Your Guide to Remote Learning, Time Management: Your Best Ally, Learning and Memory, Concentration and Focus, Note-Taking Strategies Made Easy and The Art of Taking Exams. 

You can check out a list of updated webinars on Tutorial Services website, or by checking out Tutorial Service’s myInvolvement page.

Each of the webinars presented by Tutorial Services is eligible for recognition on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) . Click here for more information on what your CCR is and how it can be used.


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