Confidentiality: McGill University upholds Québec's privacy legislation, which does not permit any information about a McGill member to be released to an external party, including a member of a student’s family, without the student’s prior written consent, unless an individual is deemed an immediate threat to self or others in the community. For more information, view the Protection of Personal Information page of the Student Rights and Responsibilities website.

Reporting an Incident

It can be difficult to know what to do in the event of sexual harassment or assault. Know that you are not alone. McGill takes these issues very seriously, and has several policies and procedures in place to help you submit a complaint, and to address them.

For information on reporting an act of harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination, please visit the Reporting Harassment and Discrimination page.

For information on reporting an act of sexual assault, please visit the Reporting Sexual Assault page.

Please note: This page is meant to act as a resource guide only. Individuals who have been affected by sexual harassment or sexual assault are encouraged to take the course of action that they deem most appropriate.

New Update:

McGill University’s senate unanimously approved the latest version of the Policy Against Sexual Violence in November 2016. After several years of contention, the new Policy Against Sexual Violence appears to satisfy many of our students and community members. This version of the policy commits the university to implement several resources and initiatives on campus to address sexual violence and support people affected by such acts. One such commitment is the new Office of Sexual Violence Response, Support, and Education located at 550 Sherbrooke OuestSuite 585West Tour, housing the Consent McGill initiatives and the new Sexual Violence Response Advisor responsible for providing support and resource coordination for anyone affected by sexual violence.

For more information on McGill’s Policy Against Sexual Violence, click here or email us at svoffice [at]