Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography
Burnside Hall
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0B9
brian.robinson [at] (Email)




Recent Publications:

AJ Cease, Elser JJ, Fenichel EP, Hadrich, JC, Harrison JF, Robinson BE.​ “Living with locusts: connecting soil nitrogen, locust outbreaks, livelihoods, and livestock markets” BioScience. 65​: 551­-558.

BE Robinson​, Holland M, Naughton-­Treves L. 2014. “Does Secure Land Tenure Save Forests? A meta­analysis of the relationship between land tenure and tropical deforestation” Global Environmental Change. 29: 281­-293.

MB Holland, de Koning F, Morales M, Naughton-­Treves L, Robinson BE​, Suarez L. 2014. “Deforestation and Tenure in the Ecuadorian Amazon: the challenge of painting the forest REDD” World Development. 55: 21­-36.

BE Robinson​, Zheng H, Liang YC, Polasky S, Ma DC, Wang FC, Ruckelshaus M, Ouyang ZY, Daily GC. 2013. “The benefits, costs and livelihood implications of a regional payment for ecosystem service program” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 110​(41): 16681-­6.

BE Robinson​, Provencher B and Lewis, D. 2013. “Managing wild resources: institutional choice and the recovery of resource rent in southwest China” World Development. 48: 120­-132.

Dong Min, Robinson BE​. 2012. “A Comparative Study of Matsutake Mushroom Collection and Economic Implications” Forestry Economics. 2​: 82­87.

J van den Hoek, Baumgartner J, Doucet­-Beer E, Hildebrant T, Robinson BE,​ Zinda, JA. 2012. “Understanding the Challenges and Rewards of Social­ Ecological Research in China” Society and Natural Resources. 25​(12).

BE Robinson​, Baumgartner J. 2011. “Cultivating a demand for clean cookstoves” Science. 334​(6063): 1636 (letter).

D Lewis, Barham B, Robinson BE. ​2011. “Are there spatial spillovers in the adoption of clean technology? The case of organic dairy farming” Land Economics. 87​(2): 250-­267.

XF Yang, Wilkes A, Yang YP, Xu JC, Geslani CS, Gao F, Yang J, Robinson BE.​ 2009. “Common and Privatized: Conditions for Wise Management of Matsutake Mushroom in NW Yunnan Province, China” Ecology and Society. 14​(2).