Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography
Burnside Hall 432
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0B9
brian.robinson [at] (Email)



Brian E. Robinson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at McGill Univeristy. His research looks at how people meet their needs through use of ecosystems and natural resources, and the role this plays in development in poorer regions of the world. His methods draw from environmental and development economics, development geography, ecology, and land systems science. He tries to measure and demonstrate the interactions between livelihoods, the natural environment and the institutions that govern them.



  • Ecosystems and Ecology
  • Landscape and natural environment
  • Geographic Information Sciences



PhD in Environment: University of Wisconsin-Madison


Recent Publications:

Robinson BE, Zheng H, Peng WJ. 2019. “Disaggregating livelihood dependence on ecosystem services to inform land management” Ecosystem Services. 36:100902.

Ramirez-Reyes C, Chaplin-Kramer R, Galford GL, Adamo SB, Anderson CB, Anderson C, Allington GR, Bagstad KJ, Coe MT, Cord AF, Dee LE, Gould RK, Jain M, Kowal VA, Muller-Karger F, Norriss J, Potapov P, Qiu J, Rieb JT, Robinson BE, Samberg LH, Singh N, Szeto SH, Voigt B, Watson K, Wright TM, Brauman K. 2019, “Reimagining the Potential of Earth Observations for Ecosystem Services Assessment” Science of the Total Environment. 665:1053-1063.

Word ML^, Hall SJ; Robinson BE, Manneh B, Beye A, Cease A. 2019. “Soil-targeted interventions could alleviate locust and grasshopper pest pressure in West Africa” Science of the Total Environment. 663:632-643.

Sai M^, Smailes M^, Zheng H, Robinson BE. 2019. “Who is vulnerable to ecosystem service change? Reconciling locally disaggregated ecosystem service supply and demand” Ecological Economics. 157:312-320.

Rahman HMT^, Mia EM, Ford J, Robinson BE, Hickey G. 2018. “Livelihood exposure to climatic stresses in the north-eastern floodplains of Bangladesh” Land Use Policy. 79:199-214.