Michael Haan

Photo of Michael Haan

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Migration and Ethnic Relations


Department of Sociology
Room 5324, Social Science Centre
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2

Tel.: 519-661-2111 x85110
mhaan2 [at] uwo.ca (Email)


Western Sociology Profile

Michael Haan studies why people make the location choices they do across the life course, and what impact these choices have on both their well-being and that of the communities they join. Haan is also working on several projects that focus on the demographic components of labour market development. his earlier work focused on housing and immigration, although the focus on inequality and stratification was evident there as well.

Dr. Haan is currently the Vice President of the Canadian Population Society, and a member of the Social Statistics Advisory Board of Statistics Canada.



  • Demography
  • Immigrant settlement
  • Labour market integration
  • Data development
  • Population aging



PhD in Sociology: University of Toronto 


Recent Publications

(forthcoming) Special issue of  Journal of Population Research on Health, Migration, and Administrative Data (Guest eds Michael Haan, J. Ted McDonald)

(2016) An Introduction to Social Statistics for Canadian Social Science Students 3rd ed. (with Jenny Godley), Oxford University Press.

(2015) "Cohort Progress toward Household Formation and Homeownership: A Comparison of Immigrant Racialized Minority Groups in Canada and the United States" (with Zhou Yu), Chapter 3 in Carlos Teixeira and Wei Li (eds.) The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities , University of Toronto Press.

(2014) "At the crossroads: Geography, gender and occupational sector in employment-related geographical mobility" (with Deatra Walsh and Barbara Neis) in "Global and Canadian Population, a special issue of Canadian Studies in Population41(3-4): 6-21.

(2013) "Trades-Related Post-Secondary Educational Attainment among Immigrant and Canadian-Born Young Adults in Alberta" (with Parvinder Hira-Friesen and Harvey Krahn) Alberta Journal of Educational Research 59(1): 29-44.