Solène Lardoux

Associate Professor


Department of Demography
Université de Montréal
Lionel-Groulx Building, Room C-5028
3150 Jean-Brillant Street
Montreal, Quebec, H3T 1N8

Tel.: 514-343-6615
E-Mail: solene.lardoux [at] (Solène Lardoux)

University of Montreal Profile 

Since the late 1960s, the institution of the family is changing in Quebec. Parents’ marital trajectories become more complex and the settings in which children grow are more diversified. Cohabiting union, which traditionally preceded marriage, has become, in contemporary Quebec, a family form in which it is socially acceptable to give birth and raise children. My research focuses on the impact of family dynamics, union and separation of girls and boys, using the data of QLSCD (Longitudinal Study of Child Development in Québec) and the NLSCY (Survey national Longitudinal Survey of children and Youth). I also conduct work on the situation of immigrant families from sub-Saharan Africa living in Quebec (co-residence, transition to adulthood for young people, choice of conjugal unions, and fertility) based on census data, birth certificates and qualitative data. In addition, my research in West Africa mainly focuses on fertility and marital unions, especially the decline in age at marriage, the determinants of contraceptive use by youth and adolescents, and high fertility.



  • Family Dynamics
  • Fertility
  • Youth and Gender
  • Québec and Canada
  • Immigrant Populations
  • Contraception
  • Sub-Saharan Africa


Recent Publications

N'Bouke, Afiwa & Calvès, Anne-Emmanuèle & Lardoux, Solène. (2016). Facteurs associés au recours à l’avortement à Lomé (Togo) : analyse d’une séquence d’étapes menant à l’avortement. Cahiers québécois de démographie. 45. 217. 10.7202/1040396ar.

Sidze, Estelle & Lardoux, Solène & S. Speizer, Ilene & Faye, Cheikh & Mutua, Michael & Badji, Fanding. (2014). Young Women’s Access to and Use of Contraceptives: The Role of Providers’ Restrictions in Urban Senegal. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. 40. 176-183. 10.1363/4017614.

Hertrich, Véronique & Lardoux, Solène. (2014). Estimating Age at First Union in Africa. Are Census and Survey Data Comparable?. Population. 69. 10.3917/pope.1403.0357.

Mondain, Nathalie & Lardoux, Solène. (2013). Transitions to Adulthood Among First Generation Sub-Saharan African Immigrant Adolescents in Canada: Evidence from a Qualitative Study in Montreal. Journal of International Migration and Integration / Revue de l integration et de la migration internationale. 14. 307-326. 10.1007/s12134-012-0240-x.

Lardoux, Solène & N'Bouke, Afiwa. (2013). Reaching adolescents and youth in Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania. African journal of reproductive health. 17. 73-84.