Theodore Papageorgiou

Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor Theodore Papageorgiou

Department of Economics
Leacock Building, Room 414
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Email: theodore.papageorgiou [at] (Theodore Papageorgiou)
Office: 519
Telephone: (514) 398-4400 ext 09880


Theodore  Papageorgiou is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics. Before coming to McGill in 2014, he held an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Economics at Penn State University. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at Yale University in 2008. His research interests span macroeconomics, labour economics and urban economics.  In labour economics, he has theoretically and empirically studied workers’ occupational choice. For example, in a recent paper published in the Review of Economic Studies, he examined how learning can be crucial in understanding worker sorting across three broad occupational groups. In urban economics, he has also investigated how occupational mobility is affected by the city of residence and the size of the employing firm respectively.


Recent Publications:

"Learning Your Comparative Advantages," 2014, Review of Economic Studies, 81(3), 1263-1295.