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Recruitment to Retirement (R2R)

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What is R2R?


The Recruitment to Retirement (R2R) program is a game changer for the McGill community. Currently, the University uses multiple aging tools to manage its personnel. To best serve the needs of the University, our processes must be standardized and streamlined. Our systems must also be more unified, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and easy to use.

We have selected a web-based system, called " Workday," to help us achieve this. The Workday system will:

  • Include all employees’ related information from the day they start to the day they leave.
  • Incorporate best practices for human resources and academic personnel management in higher education.
  • Be more efficient and user-friendly.


The vision




Why now?


We rely on multiple systems and processes [many manual - some automated]

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We need to replace our outdated and obsolete systems
[Banner Human Resources Information System (HRIS) - Payroll One-Time Payment System (POPS) - Some local applications]

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Current systems and processes create challenges in: meeting compliance requirements, achieving efficiency gains and providing access to analytics

Systems   Puzzle   Process 



The Scope






The move from our current HR system to Workday will achieve the following:

  • A state-of-the-art platform that allows the University to evolve with HR leading practices

  • Simplify HR work

  • Free-up staff to focus on higher order work

  • Timely access to information and data-driven decision-making

  • A single system ensuring data integrity and accurate reporting

  • Decreased risk of errors by reducing manual processing

  • Mobile and user-friendly access for all staff


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Guiding Principles

  Keep it simple

Keep the solution simple    



Think institutionally




Focus on the University Community


Embrace Leading Practices with confidence


Maximize effectiveness and efficiency

Ensure clarity and accountability