The Redpath Museum in Your Classroom: Outreach Registration Form

2 young girls discover the mineral and shell collection.

What: This program features interactive classroom presentations using natural history specimens and teaching props from the Museum.

Who and how: Trained educators from the Museum animate and interpret natural history specimens using a variety of educational props and teaching materials such as fossils, rocks, minerals, shells, skulls and scientific models. For an extra fee, each presentation may include a take home craft for each child.

Audience: any elementary or secondary school, libraries, recreational centres, special education venues and also other groups such as Girl Guides or Scouts, home schools, or after-school. Maximum 30 people/ presentation.

Language: offered in French or English.

Length of presentation: one hour.

Themes: dinosaurs, fossils, volcanoes, rocks and minerals, shells and marine life, endangered species, arctic life, hominid evolution, trees, bees, butterflies, and Egyptian mummies.

Dinosaurs - Discover the dinosaurs of Canada that lived here over 65 million years ago. Examine the fossil bones and find out how they interacted with each other and the environment.

Fossils - Learn about the biodiversity of fossil life in Canada over 500 million years ago. Examine the fossilized shells, imprints and exoskeletons and find out how they interacted with each other and the environment.

Volcanoes and earthquakes - Explore the exciting world of volcanic eruptions, explosions and earth tremors. Examine volcanic rocks, bombs, lava, pumice and ash and learn how volcanic activity shaped the landscape  of Canada.   

Rocks and minerals - Find out about the tremendous variety of rocks and minerals in Canada. Examine samples of quartz, calcite, mineral ores and sedimentary rocks to learn about Canada's geologic heritage.

Endangered species and spaces - Learn about animals, plants and environments that are at risk in Canada and around the world. Examine salamanders, wolves and birds and learn about conservation efforts for endangered spaces and species.

Arctic LIfe - Discover the amazing diversity of Arctic life in Canada. Examine narwhal tusk, Arctic owl, whale bone, and lichen and learn about living in extreme environments.

Hominid evolution - Find out how early hominids looked, lived and evolved. Examine replicas of early hominid skulls, modern human skulls and real stone tools to learn about the tree of  human life.

Samurais and armoured life - Find out how nature and different cultures create and use armour.  Examine natural forms of armour such as horns, claws, teeth and turtle shells to learn how nature protects itself. 

When you book a Science Outreach presentation for your class or your library you will be sent a Confirmation Form with all necessary details. The official invoice will be issued after the Science Outreach presentation. The official invoice will come from McGill Accounts Receivable with clear instructions regarding payment.

To book: If you are interested in providing your students with this unique, hands-on science experience, please fill out our booking form below.

Maximum 30 people/ presentation. For a suite of more than 2 sequential presentations at your school or library please email ingrid.birker [at] (Ingrid Birker) (Science Outreach Coordinator) or phone 514-398-4094.

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e.g. February 24, 2010.