SSHRC Partnership Grants

Post-award resources

This page has been created at the request of SSHRC Partnership Grant holders as a repository for grant management resources and reporting templates. The resources below are provided for reference purposes only. SSHRC will provide the report templates to grant holders in advance of the due date.

Document Description
Acknowledging SSHRC Support Guidelines on how to acknowledge SSHRC support, including use of the SSHRC logo.
Annual Contribution Statement (Partner Contribution Form)
Each partner organization must sign and submit the form to the Project Director confirming the contributions made in the previous year (year ending March 31st).
Collaboration Agreement Template
This is an unfunded agreement that can be used to confirm roles and responsibilities of participants and organizations involved in the partnership. Contact awards.osr [at] (OSR) for more details.
Form 300
Managed by RFMS. This is the annual statement of account that must be submitted by June 30th each year reporting on the period ending March 31st.

Mid-term Report Template

(To be added)

Due at the mid-way point of the grant period. Peer-review committee evaluates the progress, using the information provided in the milestone report and mid-term report, and makes recommendation to SSHRC on continuation of project.

Milestone Report Templates

  1. Tables Report 
  2. Narrative Report
Due 12 months after the start of the project and provides an update on the project progress since the Formal Application.
OSR Kick-Off Meeting - May 2014
PowerPoint presentation prepared by OSR for newly awarded SSHRC grant holders.
Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide
Central document that details key agency requirements governing the use of SSHRC funds.