Policies and Guidelines

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Policy on the Study and Care of Animals on the McGill Secretariat site

Policy on Training Recertification - 2009.pdf

PDF icon Policy on Animal and Compliance Concerns - Feb 2018


PDF icon Policy on the Use of Suppliers of Non-Purpose Bred Dogs and Cats

PDF icon UACC Policy on Peer Review of Scientific Merit



PDF icon Guidelines for photography - Nov 2015

Cloning Guidelines 2003.pdf

CCAC Category of Invasiveness:

Copy of the Canadian Council on Animal Care's PDF icon CCAC Category of Invasiveness.


In June 2008, for all Faculties and most Research Institutes, the peer review process changed. Applicable to all Facility Animal Care Committees (FACCs), the Animal Care Committees do not administer this process anymore. For projects funded by non-peer-reviewed sources, a researcher must request independent peer review from the Associate Dean of his/her Faculty or from the Director or Associate Director of the Research Institute of his/her Affiliated Hospital. Go to the Peer Review section for contact information of McGill Faculty Associate Dean's Offices.

Theory and practical training is mandatory for all people who intend to work with animals

For researchers working with non-human primates, participation into the Occupational Health Program is mandatory.

The researcher or instructor must submit the protocols and amendments to his/her home Facility Animal Care Committee (FACC). The host FACC will be consulted if the animals are housed and/or procedures done in their animal facilities.