International and travel activity checklist

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Travel Registry Form

You must create a travel registry form for students participating in a field course, going on a conference or workshop, doing field work or research, doing an internship, for credit or not.

For further information and instructions on how to create  travel registry form, go to:
Travel Registry on Minerva for Program Administrators

Transportation Policy

For field courses and field trips within courses, approved drivers can include (1) faculty/staff, (2) Teaching Assistants employed by the University, and (3) graduate or undergraduate students who are 21 years of age or older (25 years old where possible). Drivers should have a minimum of 3-years driving experience. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Where possible, there should be two drivers per vehicle, and the upper daily limit on driving per individual driver is 8 hours with regular breaks. All drivers should be approved by the Department or Faculty.

For small groups, use of passenger vans/minivans (e.g., 7-passenger minivans) is the generally accepted means of travel. Under no circumstances will the use of 15-passenger vans be permitted. For larger groups, buses should be hired where possible depending on the length of the course and availability.

For rental vehicles, the contract should be signed by a faculty/staff member and the name of the University should appear on the contract. The principal driver and all alternative drivers should be registered and appropriate insurance purchased so that all drivers are covered for both liability and collision coverage.

For University-owned vehicles, all drivers must be registered with the Risk Management Office using the appropriate driver data form: PDF icon Driver data form

The use of personal vehicles is not recommended, but if used, faculty/staff should ensure that their insurers are aware that the vehicle is registered for both personal and business use. Student-owned vehicles should not be used.

When transporting students by watercraft, all passengers must wear appropriate safety devices, and all craft operators must hold a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card or be qualified aboriginal guides. The leasing of large vessels (over 10 meters/34 feet) must be reported to Risk Management and Insurance.

Student fees associated with specific courses

In the past, student fees associated with specific courses have often been collected by the unit offering the course from students when they register to take it. In order to adhere to best practices, course fees must be formally approved and collected by the Student Accounts Office to ensure proper billing and determine eligibility of the course activity fees for income tax purposes.

A template has been developed to submit your request for approval of such fees. You would need to sign in with your McGill ID and Minerva PIN to access the form. Go to:

Course Fee Request Form

Click on Request form (staff only).
You will need to sign in using the 'Sign In' button in the top left corner of the page.

The fee request form must be done each term the course is offered. A detailed budget must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office at the same time you are submitting your fee request form.

Travel registration for professors and staff

It is important to remind the professors and staff participating in an international activity to register their travel arrangement plans with the University.

Simply go to: Employee Business Travel Form. You will be required to login for access.

For information for active staff regarding benefits coverage while travelling outside one's province of residence, including business travel or sabbatical leave visit the Emergency travel assistance for active staff.