Melting ice sheets may cause ‘climate chaos’ according to new modelling

Published: 6Feb2019

The weather these days is wild and will be wilder still within a century. In part, because the water from melting ice sheets off Greenland and in the Antarctic will cause extreme weather and...

When a city feels good, people take more risks

Published: 28Nov2018

What makes people take risks? Not stunt women or formula 1 drivers. Just ordinary people like you and me. Research published this week in PLOS ONE suggests that unexpected improvements in everyday...

Major Program-specific advice

Students interested in programs in the following areas are advised to select their Freshman courses in accordance with the corresponding recommendations.

Transfer credits

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Summer Studies at a University Outside Québec

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The Diploma is designed for students with an undergraduate degree who wish to enrich or reorient their training, supplementing their specialization with additional undergraduate-level coursework.

B.Sc. General Info

This page provides links to general degree requirements in the eCalendar that are frequently sought by students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. Please choose from the items below for suitable...

General Information

This page provides general information that would be frequently sought by students enrolled in undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Science.